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The Importance of TWO

Two is Better Than One

Three Dog Night once sang “One is the loneliest number…” and as a DJ, that can sometimes be the truth. You’ve probably heard the phrase “two of something is better than one;” also very true when it comes to being a Wedding & Event DJ. As DJs, quite often, we don’t only take on the role of playing the music; there are so many more things that we do WHILE playing the music…like…(Ace Ventura deep breath in)

There are a lot more things I could throw up there but I think you get my point. All of the things I listed could pull me away from the music and this is why I have found it important to always have a second DJ with me at an event. I didn’t always have this way of thinking; up until last year, I thought that I could do it all by myself…I could handle everything on that list alone.

I Changed the Way I Thought

Right now you’re thinking “here comes the story about how a catastrophic event changed his way of thinking”…Nope. I was always able to handle everything just fine and provide my clients with great service. What ACTUALLY changed my way of thinking was another DJ asking if I was available to assist him at an event. I was available so I said “why not?” (side note: working along side another veteran DJ is also a great way to get new insight and ideas to up your game). I went with him and saw how much easier it made his ability to do all of the things I listed above…just by knowing that I was there to handle anything music oriented when he wasn’t available to.

So, I’m gonna do something now that MOST Wedding DJs WON’T do in a blog post or Facebook post…I wanna give a shout out to DJ Donny Lovering for changing my mindset and giving me an idea as to how I can better serve my clients by being able to give them that extra attention that they deserve.

What’s Important To You?

So when YOU book a DJ or Entertainment company for your Wedding or event, ask the question “Does your DJ work alone or will your DJ have an assistant?” and think of the quality of service that you deserve.

Do YOU think that it’s a good idea for your DJ to have an assistant? Drop a comment or get in touch with us today.

DJ Joe
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