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DJ Joe

DJ Joe

Party Host / Music Host

Joe is the Founder of The Sounds DJ Services & Entertainment. More than 20 years ago, he got behind a pair of turntables and never looked back. And while the way we play music has changed (there aren’t that many discs to “jockey” anymore), Joe knows what makes a great event. Click to learn a few things about Joe.


DJ Joe

What do you love about being a DJ?

Joe: There’s nothing better than finding that throwback song that makes the entire dance floor stop and think “oh yeah…I LOVE this song!” When they hear that song, the memories start flowing back.

When you’re not rocking the dance floor, what are some of your favourite things to do?

Joe: You can usually find me playing board games or card games with my wife and kids (I am very competitive). I also make it a point to get out to as many Toronto Blue Jays games as possible; since I was a kid, my sister and I have been going to games together.

If you weren’t a DJ or MC, what would you be doing?

Joe: I’d probably be a chef. I love being in the kitchen and experimenting with dishes and flavours; being of Italian descent, you can find me making pasta dishes more often than not…but no baking…I’m terrible at baking…way too much science for me.

Do you have any “Guilty Pleasures”?

Joe: 2 words…TACO BELL!

How long can you hold your breath for?

Joe: Hold on………………………………….

DJ Greg Camp

Music Host

Greg knows his music! Truly a fan of ALL genres, DJ Greg Camp can fill a dance floor with current hits, retro bangers or classic rock. His musical knowledge and ability to blend genres are sure to please everyone at your event. Click to learn a few things about Greg.


DJ Greg Camp

What made you get into DJing in the first place?
Greg: My #1 passion is music and my friend Pete had turn tables. He couldn’t make a gig and I filled in for him. Fell in love immediately
How long have you been spinning tunes?
Greg: I was 16 when I did my first gig at a bar playing Rock n Roll. For $50 and a meal. My Mum drove me.
What else are you into besides DJing? Do you collect anything? Cufflinks, Vinyl?
Greg: All of those! I play guitar and drums in my basement & around the campfire. Now, mostly teaching my son both. I have enough Vinyl but I am trying to acquire the full Tragically Hip discography, twice. One for listening and one for framing. I’m half way there.
When you’re not rocking a dance floor, what kind of music do you listen to (personally)?
Greg: I’m open to anything, Rock n Roll and the Blues are at the top of my many lists. The Tragically Hip
What do you think makes you a good DJ?
Greg: Musically = Passion, Knowledge & Timing.
What’s your favorite part of a wedding? First dance, first open dance? Last song?
Greg: Easily, the First Dance floor jam and the smiles that follow.
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