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Made to Entertain!

Our professionally trained Party Hosts are the perfect people to take your guests through the evening.  You don’t want the person that just says “Here’s the next speech” or “What a nice speech”; you want the Host that’s going to entertain your guests BETWEEN the speeches.  Your Party Host will keep your guests engaged all night long – before dinner, during dinner and even after dinner.

"How Long Have You Known The Couple?"

The biggest compliment we receive is “Wow!  You know so much about them.  How long have you known the couple?” to which we usually respond “8 or 9 months”?  That’s because our Party Hosts chat with you to learn all about you – whether it was learning about how your “first date” went; did Dad “approve” of him from the beginning; or even about that “off the wall” proposal.  Your Party Host will adapt those stories to entertain your guests.

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