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Our Story

Who Are We?

More than 20 years ago, Joe Seyler got behind a pair of turntables and never looked back. And while the way we play music has changed (there aren’t that many discs to “jockey” anymore) The Sounds DJ Services and Entertainment knows what makes a great event: a well organized plan, a day-of schedule that keeps everything moving, and of course – music people want to dance to!

Imagine the best night ever, and let us know what it looks like! A solid plan starts with getting to know our happy couples, companies, and people holding all kind of celebrations. Think of it like a “party partnership” – we want to combine your idea of the perfect event with our experience.

While “scheduled fun” sounds like an oxymoron, we will work with you, your venue, and your vendors to make sure your event has a smooth schedule. It’s YOUR party – and the day of, you’ll be spending your time enjoying the party with your guests while The Sounds DJ Services and Entertainment keeps the show going.

And your dancefloor – it’s going to be packed! Our massive music library that spans country, hip-hop, jazz, rock, pop, electronic, oldies, R&B/soul, and we’re always listening to new music to ensure playlists are up to date with the latest hits.

Joe is always having fun – Both with you AND your guests.

Your dance floor happens organically – limbo stick or no limbo stick.

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