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Sweet Words

We have been so lucky to receive many notes of thanks from couples who have chosen The Sounds DJ Services & Entertainment for their event. Here are a few examples:

Joe is awesomely professional and responsive when it comes to a Bride and Groom’s wedding planning needs. He provides fantastic suggestions and flexibility in the planning process to ensure the event is both the hit and vibe you are looking for! His execution is flawless. Our guests couldnt stay off the dance floor and we got the wedding, reception and party we wanted!

Sarah & Matt
Baxter Family
Burlington Golf & Country Club - Burlington, ON

Joe was an amazing DJ and so good to us through the planning stages. He helped us with organizing the evening, to keeping it fun and light and entertaining for the guests through dinner, and crushed it during the dancing portion of the night. There was never a dull moment on the floor, and many people didn’t ever sit back down. He was excellent with the young kids, making sure they got to hear some requests and even help start a new song in one particular case. We couldn’t be more thrilled with having worked alongside Joe throughout.

Christine & Josh
Laszlo Family
Rattlesnake Golf Club - Milton, ON

You’re in great hands right from the get go. Joe looks after your needs. I feel a lot of time other DJ’s can get carried away with music that the DJ sees fit, rather than the customer’s needs. He’s the right guy to get you exactly what you want!

Rebekka & Dan
Hyatt Family
Inn on the Twenty - Jordan, ON

We could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding. Joe was high-energy, inclusive of our guests, played great music, and ensured the day ran smoothly. We were able to relax and enjoy our day because Joe was so organized. Our guests loved him, too!

Elyse & Josh
Sorman Family
Waterfront Hotel - Burlington, ON
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