I am NOT a blogger. I am NOT a writer. I’m a big fan of showing the things that I do; and talking about the things that I do. With that being said, I am about to launch a new video series right here that will provide some guidance when you’re planning your event. In my time as an event DJ, I’ve seen a lot of things and I want to share them with you. Have a look at this:

In the next few weeks we’ll be launching our new youtube series to give you some wedding inspiration. We’ll cover everything from “Questions to Ask a DJ” to “Weddings on a Budget” and so much more.

And I’m a big fan of FUN…so I’m sure there will be some fun stuff along the way.

Oh yeah…and my 11 year old is helping me out with all of this stuff too…who knew kids were so smart? This should be a fun ride!